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Priceless > Mickey Factz – The Leak #33

August 8, 2008

The Rush’ = “…Its something hard to explain so instead I use other peoples highs to elaborate. Featuring my man Smoke Dza we go off on a tirade of Ibe’s electric guitars.”

Also in my inbox from MIckey this morning was New Orleans rapper Curren$y with his freestyle version of ‘Incredible‘. Now I’ve forgone posting the others because keeping in mind sitting at the computer all day long isn’t an option for a full time Uni student 😛 And believe me, Mr. Factz has been nothing short of consistent with the freestyle links to that track haha. Nevertheless, I was keen to hear Curren$y on it so I’ve got that up for download[ing] too.

Thirdly, you can check out Mickey’s Society interview  in which M.I.A. randomly makes a cameo appearance.

Download: Mickey Factz – The Leak #33 ‘The Rush’ ft. Smoke Dza | Curren$y – ‘Incredible’ Freestyle

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