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On Point > Chicago Dance Culture

August 21, 2008

I’m glad I came across this over at my friend’s blog because I’ve tried to explain to people what I was schooled on during my stay in Chicago earlier this year and I couldn’t do the dance techniques justice in my account(s). Plus I was surprised to find that a lot of Americans outside of the Windy City are unfamiliar with the terms “Juke” and “Footwork“; until I found this was the case I’d assumed everyone but me knew what my Chi-town host Mic Terror was talking about in his song ‘Juke Them Hoes‘ 😛  

The video below is at dance try-outs for the upcoming video from Dude N’ Em for their song ‘Watch My Feet‘. I can’t stop and watch it right now, but you should. In the words of Clinton Sparks.. get familiar! lol

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