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Trigger Happy > The Hundreds x Disney – The Lost Boys Collection

December 10, 2008

When I first saw this window fitting alone I was, as always, already super impressed with whatever it was LA-based label The Hundreds had cooking.. 


Today I headed over to the TH blog where all was revealed – 

“We’re closing 2008 out with a bangarang. Over a year ago, an opportunity arose to co-brand with Disney on an apparel-based project. And when it came time to settle on a particular character set to work with, who else but Peter Pan’s The Lost Boys?  

The Lost Boys have always been a metaphor for The Hundreds. If you recall, they’re the ragtag set of mischievous kids who spend their days fighting pirates and defying age with the rest of Neverland in the Peter Pan story. Likewise, The Hundreds is exactly that, we’ve always felt forever young as long as we continue to live off our dreams. Fighting pirates.. authority, corporate or bootleggers, however you may interpret that.”

Click the link for a look at what the team came up with..


“Our take on Disney’s classic Lost Boys was to re-imagine the characters as not only modernized for present-day, but The Hundreds-ized to fall within all of the various subcultures that define California youth lifestyle.  The challenge was getting that past some of the more originalist higher-ups at Disney who weren’t exactly fond of updating the historical Peter Pan franchise (crust-punk ‘Tootles‘ in Doc Martens?). But after a year of negotiations, sketches, and re-sketches from the Disney character artists themselves, The Hundreds x Disney has finally landed.”


Not surprisingly, there’s only 200 t-shirts of each character in each colourway and 100 hats available worldwide, however sweatshirts are supposed to be dropping for the online store shortly. Checking out the entire range for yourself is a must

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