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Special Features > Raquel Rodriguez ft. Def Sound – ‘So Bad’ [Remix]

December 16, 2008



My perceived blog posting neglect of my friend Def prompted him to send me through this song he got on with his friend, an up and coming singer also hailing from LA, Raquel Rodriguez. I thought the name seemed a little familiar and upon a quick scroll of a photo album on her MySpace page I see she was part of a showcase that Swiff D, Shawn Jackson and TiRon were also part of back in the middle of the year. This is as yet unmastered but that doesn’t distort this girls obvious talent and the complimentary nature the track makes for with her fellow up and comer. The lyrics are very relatable too; it’s the words that have had me come back to ‘So Bad‘ three times tonight alone. Now it’s your turn to check it out – and your turn to get up on their music. 

If you’ve missed the squillions of times I’ve posted up Def Sound‘s MySpace details, problem solved – and for the lovely lady,

Download: Raquel Rodriguez ft. Def Sound – ‘So Bad’ [Remix]

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