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Worthy > Young Jeezy – ‘We Dat’ [Christian Rich Remix]

January 20, 2009

My fellow African comrade Hil put me on to this but I should’ve had it myself – my short hiatus from the internet saw me miss the release of Christian Rich‘s latest mixtape Jeezy Eats At Lola’s which I’ve been patiently waiting for what seems like forever. Like I’ve said before, anything from these brothers is always worthy. Always. You can get your hands on ‘We Dat‘ in their mixtape which I’ve posted the link below for.


This mixtape was inspired by a resturant in Tribeca called LOLA’s that apparently is black owned and its the only black owned resturant in the area. It also was in the middle of a racial controversy over the summer because the Tribeca residents didn’t see its fit in the neighboorhood. Well LOLA’s is still there and so is club Sway where we based the style of music on. So here is the album, and of course the artwork is done by Lemar and Dauley and the music by Christian Rich…. need i say more!!!!

Click here to download: Christian Rich – Jeezy Eats At Lola’s [Mixtape]

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