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On Repeat > Mic Terror – ‘King Of The New School’ [Mixtape]

January 28, 2009


I’d been waiting on this for almost a year – literally from Kangaroo Jack he’s known to me (but known to most as Mic Terror) so saying that King of the New School dropping today was long awaited is one hell of an understatement. Anyway, it’s here now and although I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet with being in classes all day I do know a couple of the songs that are on there, one of which is one of my favourite tracks of his so I already know that it’s about to be on repeat for me as was the Riverdale representative’s previous mixtape, The Terrordome Vol. 2 – I listened to that start to finish numerous times a day for months. Without fail. Yeah I admit, I do have love for you Mic 😛 If you’re new to his music, I hope it’s your kinda thing. If not, put simply, your loss. 

Click here to download: Mic Terror – King of the New School [Mixtape]

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