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On Repeat > H.O.P.E. ft. Kent Jamz – ‘Love Lotus’

February 8, 2009


I was watching a video of a bunch of people I know (including the artist this post is about) and I heard this song playing in the background. I hit him up straight away about it; a few minutes later a song titled ‘Love Lotus‘ was in my inbox. Coincidently he dropped it the next day for the blogs to coincide with the birthday of the legendary and too soon lost, J Dilla. After the first full listen I played it another three times, and have since then all but got it into my iTunes Top 25 Most Played list. Such a great song, and I love the lyrics..

“Don’t sell.. yourself.. to fall in love…..”

To go along with the song H.O.P.E. has also made a short video, which I really like – keep it basic when it comes to embedding videos so I’ll keep it simple and just give you the link to it. Definitely watch it.. it compliments the song nicely I think. And it’s different, which is always a plus. Start having your ears open for H.O.P.E. music.

Click here to download: H.O.P.E. ft. Kent Jamz – ‘Love Lotus’

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