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Worthy > Drake x ATL – ‘Brand New’ + ‘Sooner Than Later’

May 6, 2009

Finally got my act together with embedding vimeo videos.. smh 😛

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned one way or another, Drake is one of my favourite all round artists of the last few years; I already have his music in constant rotation anyway but with a lot of show footage surfacing the past few days, while running errands around the city I decided his most recent release (So Far Gone) would be my play-right-through mixtape of choice for the day. ‘Brand New‘ is hands down one of my favourite songs [period] – sitting at #3 in my iTunes Top 25 Most Played, ditto with ‘Sooner Than Later‘ so the two songs melding into each other in the video below is perfect. It’s also my first time seeing Drake perform either track so coming home to watch these is making a stressful day a little better.

*Btw, being that he’s in Atlanta, Drake brings out Usher to pay homage to ‘one of the greatest R&B singers of all time’.

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